Linggo, Enero 15, 2012

A cool superb FRIENDS SUNDAY!

   It was saturday evening when I and lady where at the mall watching "Enteng ng INA mo" and got a text from azee about a very good news about visiting Davao the next day. We where like damn excited about this news.
   T'was sunday afternoon when we see each other. We hug and chit chat. It's very usual to us to be very noisy every time we hang out with. Cracking silly jokes, make fun with the other people around us, taking pictures, eating and of course laughing out loud.

   That day is a blast, I and my superb friends will never forget that moment. It is a moment we could hardly forget and reminisce it for the rest of our lives.

    Lady, April, Azee and Yham. You where the BEST!  :)) 

It's off limit.

      This is one of my experimental match. I've never done like this before with such very catchy color. As what you can observe I'm more on brown and neutral colors, but this time I'm breaking my fashion zone to more color one.But still I infused brown tank top for the fact that I don't want to shock myself or even those people who knew my style. I'm still taking step by the step to it for a more not safe and ostentatious one.

     What I wear!
  *asymmetrical vest- vintage
  *brown tank top- father's closet
  *black pants- penshoppe
  *black socks- edward oliver
  *brown boots-vintage

Miyerkules, Enero 11, 2012

A must have shoes this 2012.

Godliness is what I felt about shoes. From the leopard print up to godlike studs, I feel like heaven when I saw it. Hope to have this kinda of shoes. :))
 Another shoes that caught my eye with. I love the all sequence stuff on it. Definitely a must have this year.

This is like similar to the first shoes that I posted. It's a lil bit of lady gaga'ish thing, which I admire the most ( aside from the fact that I love lady gaga).

Really eager to have another pair of Doc Martens shoes. A lil bit girly but edgy though.

   -This is somewhat what I would love to have. I'm not that really sure if I can buy all of them (crossing my fingers to have all of this... HAHA).

Martes, Enero 10, 2012

shape shifter: First ever POST♥

shape shifter: First ever POST♥: This look was created at my friends house and she took this picture. ...

First ever POST♥

This look was created at my friends house and she took this picture.

                What I wear!
     patch shirt-oxygen
     gray pants- terranova
    combat boots-vintage
    brown socks- socks
    feather necklace
    shades- spy

Keep on hyping my looks :)