Miyerkules, Enero 11, 2012

A must have shoes this 2012.

Godliness is what I felt about shoes. From the leopard print up to godlike studs, I feel like heaven when I saw it. Hope to have this kinda of shoes. :))
 Another shoes that caught my eye with. I love the all sequence stuff on it. Definitely a must have this year.

This is like similar to the first shoes that I posted. It's a lil bit of lady gaga'ish thing, which I admire the most ( aside from the fact that I love lady gaga).

Really eager to have another pair of Doc Martens shoes. A lil bit girly but edgy though.

   -This is somewhat what I would love to have. I'm not that really sure if I can buy all of them (crossing my fingers to have all of this... HAHA).

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